Our goal is to help you put all the "jigsaw puzzle" pieces of a job together to achieve a clean and efficient installation that maintains the drainage design.  There are many reasons why LITSCO is the most trusted roofing supplier for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut:


Tapered Insulation Designs:

  • Highly skilled designer offers solutions to save you on material costs.  Visit our tapered ISO page for more information.


Personalized Value Engineered Design Assistance:

  • Meet job requirements in the least expensive way for sheet metal flashing and edging, roof assemblies and tapered insulation layouts
  • Provide complete submittal packages
  • Provide on-site design assistance for contractors
  • In-house CAD-generated shop drawings and details


Fabrication Services:

  • Fast turnaround on large and small orders
  • Samples to confirm sizes


Our customers within a 200-mile radius to NYC benefit from:

  • On-site design assistance
  • Delivery via LITSCO trucks:  Cable Crane, Knuckle Boom and Spyder trucks options


We work closely with Architects, serving as a liaison with contractors, and assisting in the selection of product finishes that work together.


Contact us for more information.